these purse are made in jos

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so these purse made in Jos 

recently i encountered a talented individual who makes fashion accessories and what caught my attention was this pores that she makes. and it got me wandering why cant our government support this type of people ? this is the 21 century we have what it takes to move our selves from the ditch we’ve been trapped in. its no hidden fact that 20% of our monies goes to other countries in an attempt to by this so called fashionable items, but check out the pictures bellow, what more can we ask for ?
and the government will be making so many so called promises when at the end of the day all they want is our tax and our vote….if you are checking this post out give this young lady a call and patronize her.

her name is Nanret Hasel Danuwang a graduate micro biology from the university jos.
check the pictures below.

if you want to contact her pls write us an email or call +2348032783809

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