Ugo Monye the Designer Behind Ebuka’s Agbada At Banky’s Wedding

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2017 was an explosive year for Ugo monye as his agbada design became a topic of discussion, his design took over the social media for at least two weeks.And it was all thanks to the agbada he design and tailored  for ebuka.

That agbada literary took over the shine from banky and adesuwa. with fumy moment from badly dressed mastercraft who letter Photoshop himself into the picture of ebuka wearing his agbada.

Image result for funny reaction of ebuka's agbada by banky

We thought a little spotlight on these talented fashion designer could motivate effectiveness in the fashion industry in Nigeria. Ugo monye came with a brilliant idea of a one sleeve agbada enabling the wearer to freely and stylishly wear the agbada without having to worry about the sleeve coming off and stressing the wearers social activities.

His designs comes in all shape and sizes and he has a great sense of color too. The effort put into making this designs is just fantastic I think his works especially the eboluka agbada should be upgraded to the 8th or 9th wander of these world lol.

Ugochukwu Monye and his collection called the the Reale Collection has been able to style celebrities like. Joke Silva, jidenna and obviously ebuka. and he has been in the fashion industry for over 8 years now. and it is said that his works cost over 300k

do you know any one as talented as ugo monye contact us assap and we will love to meet, chat with them and post about them on this blog.

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