Watch:Lukaku Gives Penalty To 17year Esposito | Inter Milan vs Genoa 2019″ what a Christmas present

After a sloppy defense that ensured inter Milan were awarded a penalty,lukaku made headlines for being selfless enough to give a 17 year old the ball to take the penalty penalties are taken by people with wealth of knowledge from years of playing , if a player is shaken just a little he might give away the ball and destroy a wining chance.

with such faith placed on him by a senior player, The inter Milan young star did not disappoint lukaku as he netted the ball, the match ended 4-0 in favor of inter Milan. the not so expected but well deserved moment was emotional for the young star as he ran to his mother for a hug and he also hugged the person who gave him the ball in the first place, if you look closely, you can see the young star did drop some tears. he was confident it appears a new star is born.

What the highlights of the match below



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