What you should and shouldn’t do during nose bleed

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Did you know that it is bad to tilt your head backward in an attempt to stop nosebleed? it is because the blood can flow back to your lungs which can cause health complications.

It is advisable that you keep your head straight, use a clean tissue or material to block the bleeding nose and apply ice to it so the bleeding can stop.

From the articles written by https://hemaware.org/mind-body/nosebleed-dos-and-donts
they outlined a few do’s and don’ts that might help you my lovely readers treat their nosebleed.
Dos. They wrote that you should,

“Pinch the bridge of the nose and lean forward slightly, holding pressure for a minimum of 10 minutes. You can use nose clamps to apply pressure, but you shouldn’t leave a clamp on for more than 10 minutes. Time the nosebleed and record the information to share with your care provider”

The excerpt from the sited article also speaks on things you should not do to ensure the nosebleed does not escalate these things are;

1) you not lie flat or recline during a nosebleed. Because Blood could run down your throat; swallowing blood can cause vomiting.
2) you should not Pick or vigorously blow your nose. because it can irritate the delicate nasal passage.
3) thw article also said that; “Blowing your nose during a nosebleed can make the bleeding worse or cause bleeding to restart after it’s stopped.”

Seeking medical help is important because there are different reasons for nosebleeds, medicinenet.com outlined the following as common causes of nosebleeds.

“-Infection, when you system is infected
-Trauma, including self-inflicted through nose picking
-Allergic and non-allergic rhinitis Hypertension is also a common contributor to nose bleed.
-Use of blood thinning medications
-Alcohol abuse Less common causes of nosebleeds include tumors and inherited bleeding problems Hormonal changes during pregnancy may increase the risk of nosebleeds.”

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source www.medicinenet.com

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