Whp-E-news: Daniel Craig ‘set to return’ as 007 (James Bond)

 Daniel Craig is returning to the big screen as James Bond in the next installment of the James bond series. this new development  will make Craig the longest-running James bond ever as it is  now thirteen years since he started as bond in the film Casino Royal, the closest to him is  Roger Moore who spent twelve years as James bond..(1973 to 1985). 
the media has been filed with controversies over who the the next James bond will be, many had suggested Idris Elba as a possible replacement and other rejected the idea all together saying that a black man wont fit in the role(if you ask me i will say if not, why not? the role specification never said it most be a white or black man plus Idris is the right height and build plus a super talented actor)
now we can rest our minds at least until the next installment comes to the screen so for now we are happy Craig is returning as James bond.
for you all doubting thomos’ check The Late Show with Stephen Colbert interview and see for you self 

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