Women’s ankara designs: check out this Hausa influenced Ankara cloth Designs

When it comes to women’s ankara designs, the hausas are not left out as the also have amazing hausa influenced ankara fashionable designs. Traditionally the hausa people are known to be stylistic and fashionable, Thier well tailored clothing which takes a more defining stand point in showcasing their identity.

within the hausa communities, a dress typically has some amazing designs attached to the fabric to make the dress pop, the brilliant designs are mostly influence by the modesty showcased by the women. But note that they are as faisty and fun loving as any other group out there.

Blessed with all kinds of beautiful women with nice shapes, they also have a distinctive way of putting on their head gear. The modern hausa woman may not always be be seen with the hijab that covers her from head to toe because they are not all muslims, but she takes pride in being well coverd.

It is important to note that the north known for housing the most beautiful and cloth friendly females whose modest dressing is the first point of call. Not necessarily motivated by religion, the north is known for its love for looking modest and and covered like the royalty.

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